GPE Japan(Global Product Explorer ltd.)

To Explore the Best
Quality of
Japanese Food
to the world.

Our Mission

Explore and Supply the Best Quality of Japanese Food to the world.

Now, Japanese food culture has become main stream in the global market. So many people enjoy various Japanese cuisine, such as sushi, ramen, ton-katsu, green tea,… all over the world. It is exciting that mixed-up Japanese food culture is born and develop in fusion with local taste and culture.
Current foodies’ scene is changing so rapidly and diversified. We might prospect that authenticity is needed when the market is matured and customers’ taste is refined.

Our mission is to explore and supply new authenticity and expertise of Japanese food culture to the world.

Our Product
and Service

Exported Matters from Japan

soup and noodle of ramen, fresh wasabi and vegetable, sweets, sake and wine, Japanese condiment, such as soy sauce, miso, and traditional spices

Menu Planning of Ramen

If you start and run a ramen restaurant, we will support you by introducing ingredients, method of cooking and serving and kitchen tools by GPEJ networking.

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